How is data recovery possible?

Data can be lost due to the deletion of the files. File that is deleted will remain in the system until this gets overwritten by any other file. There is software which is named as the Test Disk that is used for the recovery of the data. This can work with the help of algorithms that are a little bit complex and these are capable to get the information from the system .If we do anything on the system there are chances of getting the files overwritten. Even browsing the internet may result in the forming of cookies that may overwrite the files. Same in the case of File Recovery Software can happen. If the particular file is not overwritten by anything then we can get the file easily.

File Corruption: If the file gets corrupted then there are chances to recover the file. If the hard drive gets connected with another system we can find that only the operating system has got corrupted and the data remains safe. In the same manner the corrupted partition table can also be corrected using the software. As per the corruption we can decide whether the data can be recovered or not. Even the files has got corrupted a portion of the data can be recovered using the recovery software and this may help to save a lot of time

Data Recovery

File Formatting: Formatting of the files may sometimes leads to the loss of the data .This may sometimes lead to the structure of the disk and the information that is already in the system. But the data that is lost depends on the formatting of the system

In the damage of the file system the files that can be recovered depends on the damage that has occurred and the information available for the recovery. If the information that is available is accurate and enough then the recovery of files is also possible.

Damage in the Physical Drive: Damage of the physical drive is different from that of the data lost from the formatting and the corruption. A physical drive can be dealt only with the help of the professionals. They open this in a clean environment that is free from all the dust and the pollution. Even a small dust particle can increase the damage that is caused to the read/write head and make this increase. In such cases all the technicians used to wear clothes and keep the equipment in a room that is clean and tidy.