How to Make Copy Files to Flash Drive in a Recovery Mode?

The importance of mastering electronic communication commands kicks in once one is hit by such a scenario. to totally perceive everything, we are going to simulate however this will happen mistreatment AN example and step by step update you ways it’s attainable to repeat files from a Flash Drive where as the pc is in recovery mode.

Flash Drive in a Recovery Mode

Take a case wherever you have got 2 in operation systems on one laptop, say Ubuntu and Windows. once running on Ubuntu someday, you’re hit with crop up messages informing you that the OS will solely run on a coffee graphic mode. At now, you can’t access most of your files you saved on your fixed disk mistreatment this OS. the nice news is that you simply have the choice of mistreatment Windows. The flip aspect is that you simply can end up needing a number of the files you hold on mistreatment Ubuntu.

In such a case, you shouldn’t worry a lot of. All you have got to try to to is to urge Ubuntu running on recovery mode. From then, you’ll introduce your flash drive then copy the files you would like from the system to your storage device. The commands you employ square measure what matter the foremost.

While on recovery mode, check if your flash drive has been known by mistreatment the command ‘fdisk -1’. If it is, then key in then check that you bear in mind the device. you’ll then manually mount the flash drive with the command ‘mount /dev/sdx1 /mnt’. it’s once the drive has been mounted that you simply will copy the folder you would like. All you would like is to recollect the name of the folder and your OS user name. you’ll then sort within the command ‘cp –R /home/
/Downloads /mnt/’.

It is essential simply} bear in mind just to mount the partition and not the total flash drive.